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Achievement Tests (Primary)

We provide primary schools with a range of achievement tests (colloquially called “The Drumcondras”).  All are specifically developed for an Irish population and were standardised on large samples of pupils in Irish schools.

Currently, our tests assess the following aspects of the curriculum:

English Reading

Mathematics (available in English & Gaeilge)

Gaeilge (Léamh & Éisteacht)

(English-medium Schools)

Gaeilge (Léamh & Éisteacht)

(Scoileanna Gaeltachta agus Lán-Ghaeilge)


Most of our tests provide parallel Forms (A & B), while some also provide a test-wide scale. Parallel forms can be used to reduce opportunities for copying, or for repeated administrations. A test-wide scale allows school staff to track pupils’ progress from year to year, on a specially designed scale that links performance across different class levels. Also, the DPMT (mathematics) has performance band descriptors.  These are text descriptions of the skills of pupils at various score points on the achievement test.  Teachers can use the descriptors to establish learning targets for individual pupils, and to explain to parents the types of skills their child has mastered, and the types of tasks on which they may need help.

Teachers interested in assessments targeted at younger pupils (e.g., end of Senior Infants) should click here to read about the Drumcondra Test of Early Literacy and the Drumcondra Test of Early Numeracy.

NOTE: Our standardised achievement tests can be administered to pupils with common forms of ‎colour blindness‎.