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Post-Primary Assessment & Diagnosis – English (PPAD-E) Teacher Resources

Assessment Materials: Confidentiality and Security

Thank you for visiting the PPAD-E Teacher Resources webpage.  Please note that the information provided on this page, in the linked videos and the accompanying manuals is highly confidential, as it contains secure test content. The videos and accompanying manuals must only be viewed by staff who are involved in the PPAD-E, and must not under any circumstances be shown to students/parents.

In order to protect the PPAD-E standardised test from misuse, the contents of the test need to be handled sensitively. It is important that the integrity of the test is not compromised by inappropriate sharing of the content or by careless management of the materials. All materials associated with the test, including the student booklets, the scoring overlays, the manuals and details on accessing this webpage and the scoring and reporting tool need to be kept securely.

For more information on correct and ethical use of the PPAD-E assessment see Essential Information and FAQs 2021

Video Training for Teachers involved in PPAD-E Administration

Video 1: Test Administration
to be viewed in association with Manual 1: Teacher Administration and spare test booklet

NB: There are two printed versions of Manual 1, with different covers, as shown to the right. Those using manuals retained from 2020 will have the ‘white cover’ version. Both of these manuals need to have a page with a list of updates inserted. This page should already be inserted in the version with the ‘blue cover’ to the right. The ‘white cover’ version also needs an amendment to the script on page 20 to be printed and inserted. You can download the relevant update documents for each manual in the links below each manual to the right.

Video 3: Using the Scoring and Reporting Tool
to be viewed in association with the latest version of Manual 3. 


Download: Manual 3: Scoring, Reporting, Interpretation, Intervention. This manual is available online only. The latest version has a cover as shown to the right.

Video 2: Marking Guidance
to be viewed in association with Manual 2: Marking Guidance.

There are two identical printed versions of Manual 2, with different covers, as shown to the right.

Creating and Filling in PPAD-E Class List (for PPAD-E school co-ordinators)

Useful Resources for Download

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