Machine-scoring Service

The Test Department offers a machine-scoring service for three of our tests:

  • Levels 3-6 of the Drumcondra Primary Reading and Drumcondra Primary Mathematics Tests-Revised

  • Drumcondra PostPrimary Tests of English Reading and Mathematics for Second Year students

  • Drumcondra Reasoning Test


Machine-scoring offers a number of benefits to teachers and schools.  As well as the more obvious time-saving element, those using the service have access to a reliable scoring system that provides test results in paper and electronic format.  The latter format facilitates developing individual reports and school-level analyses of achievement.  Users of the machine-scoring service are provided with reports that summarise the performance of each pupil in a class or group.


We recommend that 10 working days are allowed for scoring of answer sheets and reporting of results, although turnaround is generally much faster at off-peak times of the school year.


Before Testing: To use our machine-scoring service, you MUST order machine-scorable answer sheets. Tests completed on regular answer sheets cannot be machine-scored.

After Testing: When sending completed answer sheets to be scored they MUST be accompanied by a processing form and a signed data processor agreement form (see links below). Booklets received for scoring without a signed data processor agreement form will be sent back to the schools. 


If your school is interested in our machine-scoring service, note that the following steps must be followed to ensure that tests are scored accurately and returned safely to schools.

  1. You must order machine-scorable sheets, using our Primary Order Form or Post-Primary Order Form.

    (If you have a pre-existing stock of answer sheets, check that they are up-to-date).

  2. Pupils / students must mark their answers on the answer sheets using pencil only.

  3. After testing, check that pupil identification information has been entered correctly.

  4. Check that there are no stray marks or half-erased answers, and that answer “slots” are properly filled.
    Our scoring program can only read one marked answer per question. If an original answer has an X through it (rather than rubbed out), the program cannot distinguish the between the original mark and the new mark. You must rub out the original answer or the answer sheet cannot be scored.

  5. Before sending answer sheets for scoring, complete a Processing Information Form (there are separate forms for the (DPRT-RDPPT, and DRT) for each class for which you want a report.

Click here for the Drumcondra Reasoning Test processing form.


Click here for the Drumcondra Post-Primary Tests (English Reading Literacy and Mathematics) processing form.

Click here for the Data Processing Agreement.