Post-primary Order Forms

You can order tests by submitting an order form by email. Orders for the PPAD-E also require a scanned copy of the signed DPA to be sent by email. Please remember that if you phone us, we can answer queries, but we cannot process orders over the phone. To avoid incurring a charge for duplicate orders, please do not send the same order multiple times.

Please note that there are two order forms for the post-primary tests: one for the new Post-Primary Assessment and Diagnosis-English (PPAD-E) and one for all other paper-based post-primary tests(Both order forms are only for paper-based tests. If you are interested in ordering computer-based versions of the Drumcondra Post-Primary Tests for English Reading Literacy or Mathematics, or the Drumcondra Reasoning Test, please email


Post-Primary Order Form (for post-primary tests other than PPAD-E)

You should use the Post-Primary Order Form to order:

  • Drumcondra Post-Primary Test – English Reading Literacy (for end of 2nd Year)

  • Drumcondra Post-Primary Test – Mathematics (for end of 2nd Year)

  • Drumcondra Reasoning Test (for incoming 1st Years)

  • Irish Test for English-medium schools (for incoming1st Years)

  • Triail Ghaeilge Dhroim Conrach – Scoileanna lán-Ghaeilge (Céad Bhliain)


To order post-primary tests (other than PPAD-E):

  1. Click HERE to download the order form

  2. Save the file to your own computer, using your roll number as the file name.

  3. Complete your order, and save.
    As you enter the quantities of materials you want, the editable form will automatically calculate the cost of your order.

  4. Email the completed order to

To order the Post-Primary Assessment and Diagnosis – English (PPAD-E):

(Note: You may submit completed order forms (along with a signed DPA) by email to, but not by phone.)


  1. Click HERE to download the PPAD-E order form and HERE to download the PPAD-E DPA (Data Processing agreement). The purpose of the DPA agreement for using the scoring and reporting tool is explained HERE.

  2.  If you are unsure about what materials to order or any of the steps involved, you will find answers to common questions in the FAQ section at the bottom of this page.

  3. Save the order form and DPA files to your own computer, adding your roll number to the file names e.g. “ERC PPADE DPA 12345W”.

  4. Print your copy of the DPA, fill in the school details in the grey boxes on the first page of the document, and ask a relevant party (principal or designate) to read and sign the agreement (grey boxes on the last page). Upload a scanned copy of the signed DPA to your computer. 

  5. Complete your order in the excel order form, and save.
    As you enter the quantities of materials you want, the editable form will automatically calculate the cost of your order. Note that only one complete testing kit is needed per school and that schools who have materials remaining from autumn 2020 may use them in autumn 2021.  For more detailed advice on what to order see PPAD-E FAQs below.


Email the completed order form and a scanned copy of the completed and signed DPA to


Delivery of materials, access to the scoring and reporting tool and payment:

  • All materials will be sent directly to the school address. It is important to check the contents immediately, as discrepancies can only be dealt with up to 14 days from date of delivery.

  • Login details to access the scoring and reporting tool and links to online training materials and Manual 3 will be provided by email at the same time that orders are dispatched to schools.

  • An invoice, which will include postage costs, will be posted to the principal shortly after delivery.

  • The total amount must be paid within 30 days of date of invoice. Any subsequent orders cannot be processed until any overdue amount has been paid.

  • Payment should be lodged directly to the Test Department bank account (details are on your invoice). You may also pay by cheque, but must note your roll number and invoice number on the back of the cheque. If you do not do so, your account may not be credited, because we may not know where the payment came from.


For more information about the assessment, please email:

For order queries, email:

What to Order for the PPAD-E Assessment – FAQs

What is the different between the blue and yellow forms of the assessment?

Both forms are equivalent in terms of difficulty and schools can choose to administer either form or both in parallel. The items are different across both forms for all sub-tests except the spelling sub-test and both forms can be administered in parallel. One advantage of ordering both forms is to distribute both among a class group in order to minimise opportunities for copying. Another potential use of a second form of the assessment is for re-testing post-intervention with those with additional literacy support needs.

What should schools that are new to the PPAD-E assessment order?

If you are new to the assessment, we recommend ordering one complete kit per school, which includes the annual licence for the scoring and reporting tool. As this kit includes the licence, it is not necessary to order more than one kit per school.

In addition to one complete kit, you may order any additional quantities of student booklets and teacher material required as separate items.

You should order one assessment booklet for each student you are planning to administer the test to. The quantity of teacher materials you may wish to order depends on how many teachers might be administering and/or marking the test. It would probably be best to have one administration manual for each teacher administering the test and one marking manual for each teacher marking the test along with a set of each of the stencils (needed for marking)/word reading lists (needed for administration).

As an example, if you have 150 first year students in your school and you expect to have five teachers involved in administering/marking the assessment, you could order the following (see also sample completed order form below):

  • 1 x complete starter kit (enough materials for 30 students plus one set of teacher materials plus annual tool licence)
  • 12 x packs blue booklets (60 booklets)
  • 12 x packs yellow booklets (60 booklets)
  • 4 x admin manuals
  • 4 x marking manuals
  • 4 x blue stencil/word reading list sets
  • 4 x yellow stencils/word reading list sets

How do I submit an order?

You need to send a completed order form and a signed DPA (Data Processor Agreement) by email only to in order for your order to be processed. Full details on ordering and links to download the order form and DPA are available above.

What is the order number on the order form for?

The order number is for ETB schools. These schools need to include an order number in the order form (see screenshot below). If ETB schools require a quotation that includes postage costs prior to creating a PO please let us know at

What to order if you have ppad-e materials remaining from the autumn 2020 assessment

It is fine to use any materials you have remaining from last year for administering the assessment in autumn 2021.

  • Last year we sent out administration manuals, marking guidance manuals, BLUE FORM scoring stencils, BLUE FORM word reading lists and BLUE FORM test booklets.
  • The materials are the same this year except that we have a NEW YELLOW FORM of the assessment available also. If you would like to purchase the yellow form of the assessment this year you would also need to purchase at least one set of the YELLOW FORM scoring stencils/word reading lists.
  • The same administration manual and marking guidance manual can be used for administering and marking both forms of the assessment.
  • Any school that received ppad-e materials last year that is planning to administer the test this year will need to purchase at a minimum the annual licence for the scoring and reporting tool.
  • Schools that have materials remaining from 2020 are unlikely to need to order a complete kit but rather to order items in the “additional items/separate items” section of the order form.

Below are two sample orders for schools that are planning to use the manuals and blue scoring stencils/word reading lists remaining from 2020 and who are ordering 100 test additional booklets. One order is for blue booklets only. The other order is for both blue and yellow booklets plus two sets of yellow scoring stencils/word reading lists. Both schools also need to order a scoring tool licence.

Who should sign the DPA (Data Processor Agreement) and do I need to send a scan of all pages?

The DPA should be signed by the principal or by a designated staff member. It is necessary to return a scan of all pages of the DPA with both the first page (school details) and last page (signature and details) completed.