Primary Order Forms

You can order tests by submitting an order form by email. Please remember that if you phone us, we can answer queries, but we cannot process orders over the phone. To avoid incurring a charge for duplicate orders, please do not send the same order multiple times.

Current Tests

You should use the Primary Order Form to order:

  • New Drumcondra Primary Reading Test (New DPRT)

  • New Drumcondra Primary Mathematics Test (New DPMT)

  • Triail Nua Mhatamaitice Dhroim Conrach (TMDB Nua) – Maths as Gaeilge

  • Drumcondra Primary Spelling Test (DPST)

  • Irish Test for English medium schools (TGD-R)

  • Drumcondra Test of Early Literacy (DTEL)

  • Drumcondra Test of Early Numeracy (DTEN)

  • Triail Ghaeilge Dhroim Conrach – Scoileanna lán-Ghaeilge (TGD-G)


To order tests:

  1. Click HERE to download the order form

  2. Save the file to your own computer, using your roll number as the file name.

  3. Complete your order, and save.
    As you enter the quantities of materials you want, the editable form will automatically calculate the cost of your order.

  4. Email the completed order to