Drumcondra Primary Tests Scoring System

The Educational Research Centre has completed work on a Scoring System that generates reports on the performance of pupils taking the following tests:

  • Drumcondra Primary Reading Test

  • Drumcondra Primary Mathematics Test

  • Triail Ghaeilge Dhroim Conrach do Scoileanna Rialta (English-medium Schools)

  • Triail Ghaeilge Dhroim Conrach do Scoileanna Gaeltachta agus Lán-Ghaeilge


To use the Scoring System, you must have at least a standalone desktop computer or laptop that runs on Windows XP(SP3), Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 10 and has at least 1GB of RAM, and has a screen resolution of at least 1024 X 768. It is distributed on a memory key and is password-protected, with a unique password issued to each school.


The Scoring System produces the following reports for English reading, mathematics and Gaeilge:

  • Individual Pupil Reports that give a summary of a pupil’s performance over several years

  • Class Reports that summarise the performance of each pupil in a class during the current school year, as well as average class performance; for mathematics, performance on content areas and processes skills is included as well as overall performance.

  • A School Report that summarises the performance of all pupils at each class level in a school as well as across all classes. This report is designed for schools compiling data to submit to the Department of Education and Skills, as outlined in Circular 0052/2011.


Key features:

  • Once the System database has been loaded to a central server, the System can be accessed by multiple users so one copy per school should be sufficient.

  • The System can be accessed at Administrator or User (Teacher) level.

  • Pupils identified as exempted do not contribute to class averages or distributions of sten scores.

  • Pupil names can be imported (or exported) on a spreadsheet, using existing electronic records.

  • Separate reports are generated for each class, as well as across classes (e.g., all First classes in a school)

  • Performance is represented graphically so that schools can interpret performance with reference to the theoretical normal curve.


For the “New” Drumcondra tests (2019)

Click here for the User Manual (2021 version).

Click here for the class average conversion table (class average PR and Sten values).

Click here for information on how to order tests.


For the 2006/07 Reading and Maths Tests (PLEASE NOTE THESE WILL BE DISCONTINUED FROM JANUARY 2022)

Click here to view the User Manual (2018 Version).

Click here for the class average conversion table (class average PR and Sten values).

Click here for the PRIMARY order form.


Additional information about test sales can be found here.


Communication with the Centre concerning technical issues is by e-mail only at scoring@erc.ie