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Early Screening/ Diagnostic

In response to demand from teachers for screening tests tailored to the needs of an Irish school population, the Centre has developed two screening and diagnostic tests:

Each test has two main components.  The Screening test is group-administered, and designed for use with pupils at the end of Senior Infants or the beginning of First Class.  The Diagnostic test is individually administered to a subset of pupils who do not reach a threshold score on the screening element of the test.


While other screening tests of numeracy and literacy tests are available, most have been developed abroad.  The DTEL and DTEN combine international best practice in early assessment, and standards and procedures based on an Irish sample, to provide appropriate screening and diagnostic tests for Irish pupils that are linked to the Irish Primary School Curriculum for Junior and Senior Infants.


Both manuals include information for teachers about recent research in early literacy and numeracy development, and advice for helping pupils at risk of numeracy or literacy difficulties. Click the links to see a sample of the text on helping at-risk readers and on addressing early numeracy difficulties.

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