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Primary Tests

The ERC is leading the way in providing up-to-date and innovative new testing for Irish students. All our online tests have been specifically developed for the Irish population. The tests can run on any device with an internet connection – laptops, PCs, tablets or iPads. Like all our Primary tests, the online tests provide up-to-date norms, therefore more accurate results. The content is child-friendly and the appearance of the test promotes engagement and concentration. Instant reports provide a detailed breakdown by content type, text type, and comprehension process. You can currently access the following tests online from Levels three to six








Advantages of completing the tests online

  • Automated scoring, with reports available to download once testing is complete

  • Tailored pupil and class reports (class reports in Excel as well as pdf formats)

  • Designed to make group administration easier

    • built-in timer

    • password-protected sections ensure pupils only proceed when the teacher is ready

    • teacher monitoring

    • review screen prompts pupils to return to unanswered questions and check answers

  • Increased test security

  • Three forms of each test


Try the test yourself on our try the test website below to see what it looks like.

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