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Test Department: Overview

As part of its work, the Educational Research Centre develops standardised tests of achievement and ability, normed for an Irish population. The Test Department is the division of the Centre that sells commercial, paper-and-pencil tests to schools. In addition, it provides schools with the option of an automated machine-scoring service for some of our tests.

The tests are designed to provide primary and post-primary teachers with high quality, accurate information on the aptitudes and achievements of their pupils.  Almost all tests have been specifically developed for an Irish population, and draw on the relevant Irish school curricula.  Our tests draw on 40 years of experience in test development, and provide research-based, reliable information to schools.

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NOTE: Schools are welcome to phone the Test Department with queries.  However, we cannot process test orders by phone.  Schools must complete an Order Form to establish proof of order.

Drumcondra Primary Tests Scoring System

The Educational Research Centre has completed work on the Drumcondra Primary Tests Scoring ‎System. The System can be used by schools to record pupil test data and to generate reports at ‎the School, Class and Individual Pupil levels on three tests: The Drumcondra Primary Reading ‎Test, The Drumcondra Primary Mathematics Test, and Triail Ghaeilge Dhroim Conrach.


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