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Educational Research Centre Post-Primary Online Tests

Providing tests to Irish schools for over 40 years.

The Educational Research Centre draws on 40 years of experience in test development to provide research-based, reliable information to schools about their students. All our tests have been specifically developed for an Irish population and our standardised achievement tests for 2nd Years have been designed to reflect the content of the relevant Junior Cycle curriculum. Our tests can run on any device with an internet connection – laptops, PCs, tablets or iPads – and work for a variety of configurations (e.g., your mouse and/or keyboard can be separate or integrated).


Our Tests

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Advantages of completing the tests online

  • Reduced paperwork

  • Increased test security

  • Three forms of each test (two on paper)

  • Designed to make group administration easier

    • built-in timer

    • password-protected sections ensure pupils only proceed when the teacher is ready

    • review screen prompts pupils to return to unanswered questions and check answers

  • Automated scoring, with reports available to download once testing is complete

  • Tailored pupil and class reports (class reports in Excel as well as pdf formats)