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Mathematics (2018)

The New Drumcondra Primary Mathematics Test (New DPMT)

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The New DPMT is the leading standardised mathematics test developed specifically for group administration in Irish primary schools.

  • The DPMT is divided into six Levels with parallel Forms for pupils in 1st class to 6th class.

  • It contains newly developed material and was standardised on a sample of primary school pupils in Ireland in spring 2018.

  • The tests expertly address the objectives of the 1999 Primary School Mathematics Curriculum and situates a number of mathematical problems in real-world contexts.

  • The test is designed to appeal to pupils in each class level.

  • Features professionally designed, full-colour images.

Summary Features of DPMT


Level 1 – Screening test (First class)

It is recommended that this test be administered to small groups of pupils (~ 8) where possible. Level 1 provides a standard score as well as a criterion-referenced report (STen scores and percentile ranks are not reported for this grade level). As well as an overall mathematics report, results are broken down by Content Area:

  • Number/Algebra

  • Measures

  • Shape & Space/Data

The Individual Pupil Profile (provided in the manual) allows for a breakdown of answers by Strand Unit. In addition, a question-by-question breakdown can be completed using the Concepts and Skills Report.

Levels 2–6 (Second to Sixth classes)

These are designed to be administered to full class groups. Raw scores, standard scores, STen scores and percentile ranks can be computed for:


  • Overall Mathematics

  • Content Areas: Number/Algebra; Measures; and Shape & Space/Data

  • Process Skills: Understand & Implement; and Integrate, Reason & Problem Solve

Test Administration

Pupils at Levels 1 and 2 mark their answers directly into their test booklets. These are hand-scored by the teacher. Level 1 of the test is read aloud to pupils in full.

Pupils at Levels 3 to 6 use answer sheets. The test booklets are reusable at these levels. Levels 3 to 6 can be administered simultaneously to multi-grade classes. Teachers have the option of hand-scoring or using our machine-scoring service.

Spring & Autumn Testing

The norms for the New DPMT are spring norms in line with government guidance. The tests may be used the following autumn if schools wish to do so e.g. for pupils at the start of 4th class, Level 3 tests can be used. Please note that this does not constitute an exact comparison of like with like, however differences between spring and autumn are likely to be minor.

Currently, the New DPRT does not have a test-wide scale.

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