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DOTS Paper Scoring Tool

The DOTS Paper Scoring Tool, a game-changing addition to the Drumcondra Online Testing System (DOTS), is designed to streamline the marking of paper tests for schools. With this innovative tool, educators can now mark their Drumcondra paper tests directly on the DOTS site, ushering in a new era of efficiency and reporting in standardised assessment.

Reports Generated

​1. Comprehensive individual report detailing full breakdown of results (sample)

2. Class report summarising performance of each pupil (sample)

For a full process guide please use this handy print out, or download the DOTS User manual from the resources section of the DOTS website.


1. Log into your school's DOTS account

2. Create the class for which you want to correct tests.

3. Add your students to the class. 

4. Select Enter Test Scoring - Score Paper Tests

5. Create a session with the test type to be corrected and the Class name. Once saved this should be visible in yout list.

6. Click the Cogwheel beside the first student you wish to correct and select Enter Answers. 

7. Select the correct form.

8. Enter the answers to the system as answered by the student. Click Part B to enter the remaining answers. 

9. Select Finish.

10. Complete for all other students in the session.

11. Once everything has been entered select Finish Capture from the cogwheel beside any students name in the class. 

12. Got to Reports and select individual or class as required. 

13. Download reports immediately and store them safely on your school's network. 

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